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To live a life of contentment and happiness is a life that inspires others

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When Life Feels Heavy…

Ah baby, I know it feels like some people have all the luck. I know it can feel like sometimes the cards you have been dealt with are a crock of shite! I know sometimes this game of life can get... Read The Rest →

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Speak YOUR Truth!

Flow Lessons of 2017: We’ve all done it: Said yes, when we mean no. Said we’re fine, when we’re not. Denying our own needs/feelings for the sake of others, is something many of us have been conditioned to do, to not... Read The Rest →

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Free Meditation Download

Download this FREE Meditation! Designed to bring you back to you, when anxiety is high or when you just need 10 minutes out of the World to reconnect to yourself. Recorded with love with the intention to create more (self) love.

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Mindfulness in the Mundane…

Mindfulness in the mundane has a gift of power and presence… Last weekend I finally had the inspiration to do something about our hallway (which has, over 2 years, become a rainbow of Farrow and Ball tester colours with no direction... Read The Rest →

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Comparison Kills the Creative Cat

Comparison Kills the Creative Cat – by Lucy Griffiths Defined as, “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something” creativity is just that – original. Yet, for many, it seems that one of the major barriers to the expression... Read The Rest →