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121 Mentoring

I combine Mindfulness, Meditation, Coaching and Healing to help people create a positive change on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

121 Mentor Coaching Programme:
Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire (or Skype calls)

“Lou, It’s absolutely no exaggeration to say you’ve changed my life. We first met when I was at my lowest ebb, dogged by personal and professional despair. Traditional CBT just wasn’t working for me, I needed something different. You carefully unpacked my troubles, allowed my logical mind to challenge you, then let me reconstruct “the real me”. The magic was in your method. Your legacy is a profoundly better me, not perfect, but self-aware and resilient in a way I didn’t believe was possible. Thank you –  Phil, Wooburn Green

This Is the Flow 3 month transformational program consisting of 10 x 90 minute 121 mentor-coaching sessions in person or online + 25% off other Flow Courses/Workshops*.

If something ‘needs’ to change in your world (Job, Relationships, Mind, Body… Soul) Unless YOU change, nothing will! This programme is a 
journey through the emotional, physical and even the spiritual shifts that need to happen. It is a process of truly seeing ones self, seeing what needs to change and how to change so you can create a life of contentment and happiness so you can inspire others! 

Those who have been mentored by me have said ‘it’s brutal, enlightening, transformational and necessary’!

As a Shaman I look into the past and heal what has been unseen or forgotten, yet is so powerful that it is still driving you to the places that do not serve you in both in your mind and in your life!  

The sessions will be challenging. You will be learning how to face your own truths so you can seek your own power. That is not only seeing all the dark and mucky stuff but also your brilliance and potential that’s been hiding away!  

As a Mindfulness Mentor I look at the logical ‘stuff’ that is causing issues and teach you tools to bring balance back to your mind. As a ‘Coach’ I may kick your ass a few times but you should be inspired enough to take your own action to change!

This programme is only for those who want make a serious change in their mindset and are open. If you want to:

  • Become more mindful
  • Bring stillness to controlling thoughts
  • Heal limiting beliefs
  • Heal past relationships
  • Have less Drama in life
  • Learn to forgive
  • Heal toxic pattern, behaviours, addictions and distractions
  • Find purpose in life
  • Bring in more joy and peace
  • Build better relationships within  family,  friendship circles and work colleagues
  • Learn tools so you can self mentor through challenging times in the future
  • Learn Meditation
  • Learn to live a life of contentment and happiness and inspire others!

Thank you Lou for the one to one mentoring and life coaching. I’ve remembered how fun life can be, learned to let go of issues that were holding me back and most importantly began to see the beauty, love and possibility in everything and everyone. This has gone from the worst year to the best year of my life in a very short space of time. I hope to share your advice with others so more people can be free and happy – Stephen Goknal

Includes: 10x 90 minute coaching sessions, plus 25% off 2 other Flow Courses or Workshops*

121 VIP Mentoring Day
St Katharine’s, Parmoor, Henley-on-Thames
9:30am – 4:45pm

This immersive coaching day is designed for reaching a transformational point, new direction, new decisions… new chapters! You will be held in a sacred space and guided with compassion as you journey deep into who you truly are, beyond the layers to discover what parts of you needs and wants to be seen so you can step forward with clarity and direction.

The day will involve:

  • Meditations
  • Healing
  • Mindfulness
  • Intensive coaching
  • Creative Visioning tools

I will guide you through anD what will at first be uncomfortable, then liberating, enlightening and joyous.

Includes: Vegan lunch & snacks, vision board/book, meditation downloads plus a 30 minute Skype follow-up session and 
25% off 1 other Flow Course/Workshop*.

90 Minute Power Session
Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire

Each 90 minute session will be unique to where you are at and will most likely involve a collection (or all) of:

  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Healing
  • Meditation


30 Minute Skype Plug-In Session

Sometimes all you need is just a powerful reminder of the wisdom you already hold!

This 30 min Skype sessions is a great sounding board for an issue that may arise to assist in gaining perspective and wisdom.


Mastermind Women’s Circle  – SEPTEMBER 2017

Lou Carron Harris…… is, without a doubt, the most remarkable woman I have ever met. She exudes wisdom from every pore, and shares her love of life, people and both the vulnerability and power of the human condition with great humility.  Lou’s ability to reach each and every person she meets is like no other. She has a beautiful approach in guiding, encouraging and empowering others as they navigate their way through their lives, working towards a better future for our planet, our children and ourselves.

Thank you Lou for enriching my life and giving me the tools to create my best possible future for myself and my family. You gave me the courage to embrace my talents and have guided me to live my life to the full and discover my real purpose. Sally Webb

Transformation is a very long road, only those who have a thirst for life will walk it until their last breath so, I am inviting 6 women to join me for group Mentor Coaching this Autumn. In this group I am inviting women who are ready to step up to a new level, be that in your life, business, soul purpose (or all of the above!). If you thrive on empowering others and are open to receiving empowerment from others, then read on…

Are you are on the eternal path to better yourself, better your life and do you feel the pull of a more soulful path? My Mentor Coaching group will, in true This Is The Flow style, be infused with Love, Passion, Purpose, Play and Powerful transformation.  For life long learners, the quest is… life long! Your journey will be wonderful and exciting… and challenging! This is the path of our wisdom!

When you reach new levels in life, new issues will arise, new (and old) shadows will come up to haunt you and often the same old questions of ‘Am I on the right path?’ or ‘What IS my path?’ will pop up… plus a whole host of distractions, procrastinations, fears and dilly-dallying will join the party! its normal growth!

Just like the seasons of September to December, we move and shift… we will begin to shed our leaves, we begin to bare our true selves vulnerable and naked. We will let go, we will see clearly and the power of women coming together to raise each other up, can be phenomenal. I LOVE THIS WORK!  It is in this fertile land where we can plant the seeds of our fruit trees!

The Mentor Coaching group will run over four unique sessions from September to December 2017.

This will consist of 12 hours of group coaching (4×3 hour sessions 9.30am-12.30pm), include a private Facebook group, 4 virtual plug-in sessions (video)…and general ass kicking!

The meet-ups will be held in different venues in Beaconsfield and the surrounding areas… some may involve an ass kicking walk…but all will be creative, unique and flowing.

Investment will be £111 for each 3 hour session
That is total of £444. 

Email: hello@thisistheflow.com and let’s see if it’s a match!

The Flow:

Feeling the excitement of life, so you can sing and dance and be so happy that you wondered how you ever existed without feeling this way!

I use Reiki & Shamanic healing as part of the mentoring course as a tool to go deeper, healing past pain, unblocking self-limiting beliefs, and aligning and connecting you to the source of energy that is abundant to us all.  

The most incredible parts of my work is; watching my clients awaken to their own happiness and power, taking a leap of faith, stepping into the moment, letting go of yesterday’s baggage, shedding old patterns and behaviours, AND becoming true & authentic to who they really are, and begin to create the world they want – that is magical.

Watching someone wake up to their own power is a gift to me, and as with my mentoring and Reiki workshops, I train people to do the same as I do – to hold the hands and guide those who are waking up to consciousness and the power within. I share my world on how I live in the flow, including my challenges and how I overcome these.

If you would like to hear more please get in contact.
Or, to book a session please email: hello@thisistheflow.com

Apart from the VIP 121 day, all mentoring sessions are based either online or face-to-face in Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire – easily accessible from local areas such as Marlow, Beaconsfield, Henley-on-Thames & High Wycombe as well as London, Reading & Oxford.



*25% OFF Flow Courses & Workshops offer does not apply to retreats. Courses must be booked by emailing hello@thisistheflow.com and will not apply when booked via the website. 25% offer must be used (booked) during or within 2 weeks of completing session or programme.