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121 Mentoring

I’ve spent years dealing with an over analytical mind and have had various mental health professionals fail to help me make sense of it. I was actually losing hope that anyone could help me, then along came Lou. With her help I have achieved so much clarity in a such a short space of time. I truly believe that the universe sent Lou to help me and I am so grateful for that.
Meena Winter

I combine Mindfulness, Meditation and Healing to help people create a positive change on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

121 VIP Mentoring Day
St Katharine’s, Parmoor, Henley-on-Thames
9:30am – 4:45pm
This immersive coaching day is designed for reaching a transformational point, new direction, new decisions… new chapters! You will be held in a sacred space and guided with compassion as you journey deep into who you truly are, beyond the layers to discover what parts of you needs and wants to be seen so you can step forward with clarity and direction.
The day will involve meditations, healing, mindfulness, intensive coaching and creative visioning tools to guide you through what will at first be uncomfortable, then liberating, enlightening and joyous.
Includes: lunch, vision board/book, meditation downloads and a 30 minute skype follow up session.

121 Mentor Coaching Programme
Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire
3 month transformational program consisting of 10 x 90 minute 121 coaching sessions in person or online.
This will be a journey that will involve various mentoring and personal development techniques, including: healing sessions, meditations and visualisation tools to get you to where your soul is calling you to be.
INVESTMENT: £999 – SUMMER SPECIAL: £777* (£77.70 per session!)

90 Minute Power Session
Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire
Each 90 minute will be unique to where you are at and will most likely involve mentoring, coaching and some form of healing and/or meditation.

– How to become more mindful of your thoughts
– How to heal any limiting beliefs
– How to find your purpose and be brave enough to follow your dreams
– How to bring joy and peace into your life
– Learn basic tools so you can mentor yourself
– Meditation techniques
– See what simple changes can be made so you can find contentment and happiness in your everyday life.

30 Minute Plug-In
Sometimes all you need is just a powerful reminder of the wisdom you already hold! 30 min Skype sessions are a great sounding board for an issue that may arise to assist in gaining perspective and wisdom.

The Flow:

Feeling the excitement of life, so you can sing and dance and be so happy that you wondered how you ever existed without feeling this way!

I use Reiki & Shamanic healing as part of the mentoring course as a tool to go deeper, healing past pain, unblocking self-limiting beliefs, and aligning and connecting you to the source of energy that is abundant to us all.  

The most incredible parts of my work is; watching my clients awaken to their own happiness and power, taking a leap of faith, stepping into the moment, letting go of yesterday’s baggage, shedding old patterns and behaviours, AND becoming true & authentic to who they really are, and begin to create the world they want – that is magical.

Watching someone wake up to their own power is a gift to me, and as with my mentoring and Reiki workshops, I train people to do the same as I do – to hold the hands and guide those who are waking up to consciousness and the power within. I share my world on how I live in the flow, including my challenges and how I overcome these.

If you would like to hear more please get in contact.
Or, to book a session please email: hello@thisistheflow.com

Apart from the VIP 121 day, all mentoring sessions are based in Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire and are easily accessible from local areas such as Marlow, Beaconsfield, Henley-on-Thames & High Wycombe as well as London, Reading & Oxford.

*Summer Special Terms & Conditions:

  • 121 VIP Mentoring Day:
    To qualify for the summer special offer, a deposit or full payment must be made at the time of booking. Deposit for VIP Day is £95 with a final payment of £460 to be made 7 days before the session. Summer Special offers are only available on selected days throughout August & September. Please contact us for session availability. Offer available until all available summer sessions are fully booked.
  • 121 Mentor Coaching Programme:
    To qualify for the summer special offer, payment for all 10 sessions must be made at the time of booking. All 10 sessions must be booked for dates between 1st June 2017-30th September 2017. Please contact us for session availability. All ten sessions are 90 minutes. Offer available until 17.07.17.