The Art of Beginning a New Chapter

And so it begins, or maybe it ends! The summer holidays are (almost) over and the big September wheel begins to turn again…

Check in with yourself.
Just for a moment.
Take a deep long breath, exhale… and ask yourself, “how am I feeling right now?

Are you excited? Anxious? Sad? Nostalgic? Happy? Prepared? Not prepared?

If, like me, you have been feeling the pulls, the shifts, the changes and even the pressures that Mercury Retrograde and the eclipse season brought for us this summer… be sure to check in with yourself now it’s drawing to a close. Mercury is the ruler of communication, and when it’s in retrograde it can feel like things go wrong, things break, arguments happen, travel can be delayed or disrupted…  and the eclipse season can really begin to awaken the knowing of our purpose here on the Earth.

For me, this summer has been intense and I really felt it and this time it has really highlighted what needs to change in my life.
I have been feeling some big internal shifts, new ways of thinking, and new ways of ‘being’.

Even if you’re not a believer in the stars aligning and all that stuff, seasonally we naturally wax and wane with the moon and we move with the seasons… and the self-awareness of how we are changing or even resisting change always gives us opportunities to grow and evolve, IF we take the time to notice.

We’re now nearly in the last quarter of 2017, so take some time to ask yourself:
What will 2017 have been for me?
What lessons has it brought?
What successes… or failures have you seen?

To reflect is an opportunity to learn about yourself and see what you want the rest of the year to look like.

Take it from me, not everything goes to plan… and that’s ok! If that is where you are at, ask yourself the question, “what is this teaching me?”

Take a moment to feel into any internal shifts that may have happened in your life this summer.

After the full moon we may well all be ready to turn the page onto new chapters..

So wrap up the last chapter in the final days before the end of mercury retrograde and before the full moon.


DE-CLUTTER: Emails / fridges / freezers / cupboards / clothes
CREATE: Time to meditate for 10 mins
LET GO: Of anything else that is in your life that no longer serves… from shoes to bills, from arguments and the need to be right to people, things and all the things you “should have done but didn’t”. Give yourself permission to wipe the slate clean!

Here is your free meditation for today, you will need to fill in the form below to download.

Please feel free to share the link to this page with friends & family or anyone you think may find it helpful.
We’d LOVE to hear how it was for you.

If you love this meditation & want to join me for some mindfulness & meditation sessions, we have some coming up:
Mindfulness – Focused Mind
Mindful Meditation Class
Flow Day October – Meditation Morning & Reiki Share Afternoon

But, for now… take some time out & check in with yourself…

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