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How to stop getting yourself into a mindfu*k over other people

The beauty of life is that is divinely chaotic in its natural order and everything that comes to us teaches us; to be stronger, braver, more forgiving, more giving, more faith, more love… you name it, in a situation that feels chaotic, traumatic and painful there will be something to learn and the greatest lesson to seek is that of compassion for ourselves and of others,  it is through this gateway of compassion that we see the truth from our soul, the wisdom of the greatest picture and a the... Read The Rest →


I went to the river today with my husband, as we ironed out some issues we’ve been with I was overwhelmed to see that we have again, grown to another level and more so to the point how HE has grown. I noticed how our language is so different with each other these days conscious, considered. We do not come from a place of blame, more from a place of understanding. We have to hold space for each and challenge each other in respectful way so we can learn what... Read The Rest →

Sex. There are no refunds! Journey of a Shaman. Part 1

SEX. There are no refunds! First thing you need to know here is… this is not advice, this is not judgment, this is perception, this is concern…this is my very vulnerable and open letter to my fellow awakening sisters and brothers. And part of a set of blogs I want to write around sex! ***************************************************** I began a sexually active life at sweet 16. I was blessed. I had a boyfriend who guided me towards the discovery of my divine sacred feminine power with love, respect and honour for both... Read The Rest →

The Art of Beginning a New Chapter

And so it begins, or maybe it ends! The summer holidays are (almost) over and the big September wheel begins to turn again… Check in with yourself. Just for a moment. Take a deep long breath, exhale… and ask yourself, “how am I feeling right now?“ Are you excited? Anxious? Sad? Nostalgic? Happy? Prepared? Not prepared? If, like me, you have been feeling the pulls, the shifts, the changes and even the pressures that Mercury Retrograde and the eclipse season brought for us this summer… be sure to check in... Read The Rest →

Shamanic Activation of the Chakras & Energy Lines of Mother Earth

   This summer we’ve really enjoyed simply being at home and going out in our camper van on road trips and off to festivals. This has been a very different summer compared to last years Earth Chakra Activating, where I was called by the Divine to connect, activate and create beautiful portals in Peru, Alaska, Canada, USA and Australia and Egypt.  Last summer,  I was informed by Lake Louise that I must take people to these Sacred places and activate this energy within them. I am very excited about our... Read The Rest →

“Mummy, how can I make the time stop?”

The final week of August, WOW, already? The leaves and apples are beginning to fall and there was a new chill in the air when I walked out my door today  (I went back and got my winter coat!) The smell of a new term  is here for us all.  Even my 11 year old daughter is feeling the change.  With tears in her eyes she asked me last night  “Mummy, why does time go so fast?” I was with the same question yesterday. One moment she was a cute baby... Read The Rest →

The Vegan who had to send the cows back to their fate…

Sarah Morgan, is a Flow Tribe Reiki Master, and compassionate Vegan Today she was Brave, so so brave. Today she had to step up.. and the first place she turned to share her story was on our Flow Tribe Facebook group.. But we decided this Brave Vegan warrior needed some public recognition… Sarah wrote today August 18th 2017: “Wow … just had the most amazing but weird and scary situation .. i had to step into my power and hold the space for a herd of 35 cows and their... Read The Rest →

When Life Feels Heavy…

Ah baby, I know it feels like some people have all the luck. I know it can feel like sometimes the cards you have been dealt with are a crock of shite! I know sometimes this game of life can get so damn heavy that no matter how much you try to see the positive, deep down you just can’t see the light… I know it can feel like life is out of balance, that the idealistic life that so many other people seem to achieve (Love, Health, Wealth, Happiness)... Read The Rest →

Speak YOUR Truth!

Flow Lessons of 2017: We’ve all done it: Said yes, when we mean no. Said we’re fine, when we’re not. Denying our own needs/feelings for the sake of others, is something many of us have been conditioned to do, to not be rude and not to make a fuss, to keep the peace by keeping our mouth shut. So, how is this way of communicating (aka lying) working out for us humans? Does it lead to peace? Does it make life simple? Erm… nope! It never leads to anything other than... Read The Rest →

Free Meditation Download

Download this FREE Meditation! Designed to bring you back to you, when anxiety is high or when you just need 10 minutes out of the World to reconnect to yourself. Recorded with love with the intention to create more (self) love.

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