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When Life Feels Heavy…

Ah baby, I know it feels like some people have all the luck. I know it can feel like sometimes the cards you have been dealt with are a crock of shite! I know sometimes this game of life can get so damn heavy that no matter how much you try to see the positive, deep down you just can’t see the light… I know it can feel like life is out of balance, that the idealistic life that so many other people seem to achieve (Love, Health, Wealth, Happiness)... Read The Rest →

Speak YOUR Truth!

Flow Lessons of 2017: We’ve all done it: Said yes, when we mean no. Said we’re fine, when we’re not. Denying our own needs/feelings for the sake of others, is something many of us have been conditioned to do, to not be rude and not to make a fuss, to keep the peace by keeping our mouth shut. So, how is this way of communicating (aka lying) working out for us humans? Does it lead to peace? Does it make life simple? Erm… nope! It never leads to anything other than... Read The Rest →

Free Meditation Download

Download this FREE Meditation! Designed to bring you back to you, when anxiety is high or when you just need 10 minutes out of the World to reconnect to yourself. Recorded with love with the intention to create more (self) love.

Mindfulness in the Mundane…

Mindfulness in the mundane has a gift of power and presence… Last weekend I finally had the inspiration to do something about our hallway (which has, over 2 years, become a rainbow of Farrow and Ball tester colours with no direction or hope of becoming anything more!). We have had 2 people design it for us and many given us advice, but neither my perfectionist husband or my carefree self could decide on anything! By the end of last year we finally lost the will to make any form of decision and... Read The Rest →

Comparison Kills the Creative Cat

Comparison Kills the Creative Cat – by Lucy Griffiths Defined as, “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something” creativity is just that – original. Yet, for many, it seems that one of the major barriers to the expression of their creativity, whatever form that takes, is the ill-fated & overstated entrance of comparison. In fact, from a personal place of comparison-confession, I would go as far to say that nothing kills creativity as abruptly or catastrophically as comparison. Creativity, in whatever context or expression, is one of... Read The Rest →

Soul Purpose! Why do I keep seeing numbers? 1111, 2222, 1234

You look at your phone and you see 11:11, you notice it and get on with your day. Then, the next day you pick up your phone and it’s 11:11 again!! You think, “that’s weird” and get on with your day. A few days pass and you notice your car has 111 miles left in the fuel tank and later that evening you look up from your dinner and the oven clock says 11:11… and you start to think “er, this is really freaking me out!” One morning, after I had been... Read The Rest →

Why Life Is Not Easy…

LIFE IS NOT EASY… when we accept that, it becomes easy! Life takes effort, it requires change, it expects growth and it takes breaking through fears to ensure that we don’t die full of regrets. Stepping out of our comfort zone requires doing stuff our heart calls us to do but our head says we “can’t”! We have 2 choices: do nothing or do something. I curled up on the sofa last night and processed what has been a very long and intense few months, finally I watched ‘Wild’ – Everyone... Read The Rest →

The Shamans Call… (Earth Chakra Calling)

  And so it was that the mountains were to once again call me from my sleep. No negotiation was going to allow me to lay in my warm bed at 1am this morning “Louise it’s time, time to write and honour your journey” they whispered. They began to connect me back to Uluru in Australia, reminding why it was I who was called there this time last year. My pounding heart was evocative of the deep responsibility and service I had agreed to. It washed over me with a sense... Read The Rest →

How to get out of the boxes you’ve been put in all your life

  What we have been made to believe is the goal, the height of achievement, the marker of success – congratulations, you made it! Get a comfortable office job – boxes. Get a car – boxes. Get a house – boxes. Organise the material possessions that symbolise just how successful we are into – boxes. Just fill out these forms, ticking the appropriate – boxes.   By now you may find you’re slightly contorted, having spent most of your life reshaping your own unique essence to fit into the boxes... Read The Rest →

How I Manifested a Brand New Beginning…

I have learned invaluable lessons about being mindful and to live more in “the now” – how to appreciate the present moment and not be so transfixed on the past or worry too unduly as to what the future holds” I’m forty years old this March (just typing that made me wince a little) and if the saying is true and life does indeed begin at forty then in discovering the Mindful Manifesting and Meditation course I may just have found the perfect start to the second half of my... Read The Rest →

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