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Corporate Wellness


Businesses are examples of modern-day tribes. Those fully in their Flow, leading, nurturing & teaching their tribes with a deep level of both wellness & self-awareness, will be the ones to grow within their industries.

Introducing corporate mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness programmes into the workplace have been seen to have multiple business benefits, including increased engagement, strength & innovation. Results attained are a mindful community of creative, communicative & conscious employees who are passionate for both their individual and a shared purpose.

All of our corporate wellness workshops, talks & master classes are designed on a tribe-by-tribe basis. Please contact us to arrange hello@thisistheflow.com



The term Shaman (Shaa-man) is used to describe someone who holds a deeper knowledge, wisdom and connection beyond any restrictions of a limiting mindset. A shaman is someone who sees deep into the core of issues and problems using their wisdom and intuition and leads with integrity.

Shamans are also known as Medicine Men & Women, Mystics, Healers or Tribe leaders in many other cultures.  Here, in the West, Shamans are not necessarily leading tribes and holding ceremony, but instead leading organisations and trailblazing conscious corporations.

In a world that is now requiring organisations to step up both ethically and morally, ancient shamanic practices can transform and heal many businesses, enabling them to become more consciously aware of the impact they make both internally and externally and creating a healthy culture within the organisation.

Working with the ancient wisdom’s of the Earth can bring a business back into balance, ensuring all aspects are ‘‘in right relation with all things” (in balance), thus building an organisation that has strong values, a deeper connection with staff and clients, and growing with integrity.

In the corporate world you will find men and women in leadership roles already walking the shamanic path, some who have been walking this path for decades. This is not a new thing, it is merely now a time when this is accepted.

We design & run Shamanic introduction sessions, yearly programs and 121 mentorship.

For more information or to arrange your Corporate Shaman Workshop contact us or email: hello@thisistheflow.com