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Flow Kids Shaman School

EARTH 1Shaman School for Kids 

Flow kids learn Meditation, Mindfulness, Earth Consciousness, Reiki and various indigenous Shamanic techniques from all across the world.

This is a place where kids have freedom to express who they truly are in a place of acceptance.

We promote self expression through creativity; art, music and dancing and we teach kids how to work with reiki energy (known as ‘the force’ to the young  Jedi’s!)

Reiki brings stillness, peace and confidence and shamanic practices help kids to connect with the earth, its seasons and its 4 elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

During our sessions we honour and connect to the earth and all whom inhabit it:  the animals, plants, trees and of course we learn to connect with other humans with compassion, empathy and understanding of ourselves and others.

The school runs every Friday at Abbotsbrook Hall in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. The first class is for ages 7-10 and starts at 4pm-5pm and, for the older kids age 11+, the session starts at 5:15pm-6:15pm. There is a 15 minute over lap of time where the younger kids get to hang out with the older kids for games – promoting the ‘oneness of all ages and tribe’ thus encouraging kids to hold the space and grow each other in a positive community.