“Mummy, how can I make the time stop?”

The final week of August, WOW, already? The leaves and apples are beginning to fall and there was a new chill in the air when I walked out my door today  (I went back and got my winter coat!)

The smell of a new term  is here for us all.  Even my 11 year old daughter is feeling the change.  With tears in her eyes she asked me last night  “Mummy, why does time go so fast?”

I was with the same question yesterday. One moment she was a cute baby in my arms, snotty face, dribbling, giggling, fully reliant of her mummy…. and now she lets go of my apron strings as independence awaits at big school! How did this happen??!

The sun had already gone down by the time we all took a family run to the park. We sat swinging on the swings, and I reached for her hand as the tears began to fall down her cheeks.  She sobbed  and sobbed and I simply let her feel whatever she was feeling, she finally said “This time last year I didn’t even think about high school, everything was simple then, now things feel too much,  its all fuzzy in my head, time confuses me! Mummy, how can I make the time stop”
I paused and then asked ‘What do you think the answer is baby?”
“I don’t know mummy, I don’t know anything anymore”

I took a deep breath and observed my daughter walking though a transition point in her life and I knew the only way to teach her was to BE!

” I love watching the wind through the weeping willow, the tree reminds me of cousin IT in The Adams Family. It looks like I could put a brush through it! I feel the breeze on my face, its still warm, even though the sky is a dark blue. I feel the softness of your hands in mine, I still feel the same little hand that has held my hand for 11 years, but I can feel how much bigger it is now, its stronger and its’ soft and gentle. I feel warm inside with the deep awareness of how our hands are held together. Right now, I feel the space of the gap between our hands and the clamminess. I notice the way our swings move together in unison. I see the tears fall down you cheek, how there is one and then two together and I noticed the little moles on your face. I notice how my heart pangs a little…  but I feel at peace. Now waves of blessings flow through me.  Now I see your eyes looking at me and see the stillness in your body and I sense your energy change… you feel lighter to me.

She smiles a huge smile..

“…and now I hear your sister shouting  look at me, look at me look at MEEEEEEEEE”

She laughs and looks over in an endearing way to her crazy loud and funny sister…

“These are the moments when time stands still baby, where everything is grace and beauty, when its just is.. when everything is perfect just as it is, no matter what, we can stop and create moments in time. Our life is full of opportunities to make moments and to feel the blessings. We just have to have the discipline to hold that presence like a delicate gift. When we are present everything slows down. life slows down.. we slow down.

In the human linear time life goes on and the best we can do is to fill it with as many moments as we can. We may not remember them all in the future, but moments  build our spirits and our spirits are what fly in this life.

We all ran home, laughing, a little lighter, holding our moments in our hearts.

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  • August 31, 2017 at 2:18 am // Reply

    Lou, this is beautiful… I can feel it all and for a dyslexic, I love the way you wright Hun. I took a moment today, after school with my youngest (6 years old), we just sat on a bench at the back of the school playground, under the shade of the huge trees. He lay his head on my lap and we talked for a few moments about his 1st day of school. It was such a special moment. I’m with you lovely lady xxx

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