Soul Purpose! Why do I keep seeing numbers? 1111, 2222, 1234

You look at your phone and you see 11:11, you notice it and get on with your day. Then, the next day you pick up your phone and it’s 11:11 again!! You think, “that’s weird” and get on with your day. A few days pass and you notice your car has 111 miles left in the fuel tank and later that evening you look up from your dinner and the oven clock says 11:11… and you start to think “er, this is really freaking me out!”

One morning, after I had been clubbing all night I got home at 8am and fell asleep, at some point in my deep exhausted sleep something woke and startled me, my gut knew what it was!!… My phone was next to me and I knew if I opened my eyes and looked at it, it would be 11:11… so I chose to fight it! I ignored it. I wanted it to leave me alone. After what seemed like a few minutes, curiosity got the better of me, I figured it would be 11.14 and I would be like “Fuck you 11:11, you can’t get me!” so I opened one eye to see if I was right…

11:11 AGH!!!  I lay there – heart beating, freaked out, frightened and… a little bit excited! I tried to go back to sleep, but it was too late. I was alert and now I was LISTENING: Ok Universe, where are you taking me?!

It was 2011 when I first started seeing the number 11:11. It was actually around the time when my business was crumbling, I knew my life was changing, I knew I had a gift in healing, but I was resisting the mighty big ego death that it took to let go of the old and into the new!

I had always been sensitive, intuitive, into reiki, crystals, mystical stuff, law of attraction – all of that ‘new age-y stuff’ and my gut was telling me that all this 11:11 malarkey was a calling for me to do more of that work.

I told a few friends about my new friend 11:11, they thought I was a bit mad, so I kept shut for a while. I began to look it up on the Internet and oh my word IT WAS A THING!… AN ACTUAL THING – THE 11:11 phenomena!

In a reiki session with my friend one evening I recall asking the universe, “WHAT’S MY PURPOSE, WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?” and the message came, “you’re a sprinkling of sugar in people’s lives”… I remember thinking ‘IS THAT ALL!?’

My ego was wanting the glory for saving the world, but as the years have passed bringing sweetness, love and light into people’s lives is enough. My God, it’s more than enough because, all the ones who see the 1’s are the chosen ones and together we are ONE! ITS ABOUT ONE TRIBE COMING TOGETHER, Bringing the love and the light of the Universe down to the world and raising the vibration in whatever way we can.

We are the ones in service, the ones who have this burning desire to live our purpose, even though half the time we didn’t even know what it was!!! We each have a personal mission and when we begin to see the numbers, we follow them like breadcrumbs on a trail.  The numbers begin to guide us… 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 101, 1234.

By 2014 I began to see new number sequences: 772, 882, 979, 311, 747, 757, 767… etc.  They come and go in waves, they make themselves known to me and I listen. I actually feel sometimes like I am internally processing data and downloads. I shift and change and the more I download, the more I evolve.

I  notice what I am thinking and feeling at the time that I see the sequence, I go deeper into the place beyond my thoughts so I am alert to the Universe.

I see that sometimes the synergies are a message to phone someone – a phone number or house numbers or digital radios. For instance, I started seeing 711 last year just before I went to the great pyramid in Egypt and the The Great Pyramid Ratio is 7:11 height to base. It’s always really cool when you see that synergy!

I’m not yet fully fluent in ‘number code’ (or Angel numbers as some call it) so I use a great app that I refer to if I have a new number calling me (Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers app). I only discovered it a year or so ago, and the meanings can be different to my soul understanding so you really need to be in tune with your own sense of direction before you use someone else’s guide – but it does help, so don’t over think them, just use them as a guidance – you can ‘hear’ the vibration, feel into it and keep saying ‘Thank You’ to the Universe for the messages and guidance.

SPEAK TO THE NUMBERS! I would say, “Hey Universe, send me a sign that I’m meant to be doing a new job” and then a car with 777 would drive past. Last year when I was being ‘called’ to by the Water spirits to Alaska, one day I said, “Ok Universe, if you want me to go to Alaska then send me the money” … then a car with 888 drove past (the abundance number!) I laughed and responded with, “well that was a quick answer”… and then half an hour later, the money came to me!!

YOU have to work with them… it’s a mutual respect.

ACTION – follow the guidance, listen to your inner call and be real! Notice when you’re not being authentic and true, to be on this path of purpose you have to accept that it’s about your own personal development – your great Universal mission flows through you and as you evolve you just become your purpose!

It’s now been over 6 years since I’ve been friends with the number code, it feels like they activate a part of me that was dormant. Some days I may only see 10/20 number sequence,  but on a high day they could reach 100+!  The more I talk to them, the more they talk back and the more I stay in my Flow.  Looking back I was obsessed with 2222 when I was a kid. I think the numbers have always been there, it’s just that my time to be fully activated wasn’t until 2011.

Maybe you have friends that are also the ‘chosen ones’ ‘the ones that see the 1’s‘ but, when it happens to you… apart from feeling a bit annoyed, then excited, you can’t deny there is a huge part us that feels ‘special’ and that’s ok! I think everyone is special and when people begin to see their own special it’s like a starry night in the sky!!!

For those of us who see the numbers, before we saw them is was like we were caged up ready for our purpose and the 11:11 doorway opens and we have all this potential to DO WHAT WE FEEL WE WERE SENT TO EARTH TO DO… our own personal mission. Our legacy.

The numbers are here to guide you on your souls purpose, your mission in life, your calling, your personal legacy that is raising your own consciousness and that of the world through your own passion… be that art, writing, healing others, making music, teaching, building businesses, helping others. Whatever that call is, its unique to you and whatever you do will have a positive effect on the world and the people who live here. The most important thing is this: IT’S YOUR JOURNEY. The numbers remind us that there is more to what we see, on a deeper level, they are showing us the veils of another dimension, they are here to guide us, to remind us to keep our thoughts positive and our intentions good because everything we do is a manifestation of our life.

I wish you all the best on your journey!

Much Love – your sister
Louise Carron Harris xxx

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