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I work with many forms of healing from Reiki & Shamanic healing to working with various other energetic frequencies. I am connected to a beautiful source of high intuition which guides me in your healing session.

When you receive healing from me, just for that moment in time, we both leave the outer world and step into the inner world, beyond mind, beyond body and we go where there is stillness and healing. When it is time to step back into the outer world there is clarity and freedom in choices

During a Reiki session you lie on the Reiki bench, fully clothed (in case you’re wondering!) and I am guided by my intuition on where to channel the Reiki energy; sometimes I touch your body, sometimes I hover on the energies above it.

Receiving a Reiki healing is different for everyone and every session brings new and unique sensations and messages. Everyone goes on their own authentic journey. I pass on intuitive guidance and messages to you at the end of a session to help you work towards healing whatever blockages you may be experiencing.

At the end of the session you may feel relaxed, calm, sense of peace and clarity, aches and pains may fade… rejuvenated, contented…

Life becomes stressful at times but a session of Reiki with Louise and I am feeling relaxed, chilled and completely at peace with the world again. Highly recommend a monthly session however if money is no object, go weekly. It will do you the World of good.
– Dave Hampton