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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?  Like a top up of the goodness that makes us!

Reiki means ‘universal energy’ in Japanese; however, in cultures across the world, the same energy is known as ‘chi’ or ‘prana’, and some may even call it love, light, and many people believe it’s God’s energy.

Reiki is everywhere; it is in all of us and it connects all of us. It is abundant and infinite. The power, love and beauty of this energy is real. Every client, even those with the most left-brained, logical and scientific of minds, feels the magic that prevails when receiving reiki; my clients walk away emotionally brighter, wiser and grateful.

Now, imagine being able to turn on a tap of this.

Reiki healers are a connection to the source of this pure energy. At will, we are able to channel the flow of this energy from our hands, filling your body, mind, spirit & soul with its light.

What does this do?  Everything it needs to do!

Reiki can heal old wounds, both physical and emotional. It can accelerate personal growth and development. It can be such a wonderful tool to help clear the mind creating a wonderful connection to the higher self. It can wash away fear and negativity, and in its place, bring love and positivity.

Reiki flows to everything that lives: men, women, children, animals and even plants.

What does it feel like?

Reiki feels different to everyone because we are all different; no two sessions are alike, even for the same person. I don’t tell people what they are going to experience, I let them experience it for themselves, but I will say this: a Reiki session is generally very relaxing and insightful…and magical!

By working with Reiki you connect yourself deeper with your environment and with yourself. Reiki can be wonderful for both relaxation and healing of mind, body and spirit.

We were all born with the same beautiful light,
Where infinite possibilities help each of us take flight,
On journeys full of love, laughter and dreams,
Sometimes our path brings challenges, pains and extremes.

Our light is always inside, waiting to shine on through
And with guidance and healing, there is a love that is true
Where we know deep inside in this world of infinite possibilities
There are great lessons, wisdoms and incredible mysteries

In a life without challenges, we would never grow
And when we learn the lessons and purposes we begin to flow
Touched by healing hands, Reiki flows through to our soul,
Answers, connections, peace and understanding make us feel whole

– Louise Carron Harris