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Shamanic Healing

Louise Carron Harris shaman

I have been trained in shamanic healing from the Linage of the Q’ero Inca, Peru. Through a sequence of divinely guided calls, I said yes to learning the medicine of this lineage in early 2015 and trained on the medicine wheel.  Without a doubt this energy medicine is sacred and it works!!!! Shamanic healing is powerful, my clients love it… so do I. I am passionate about all shamanic practices and believe there is a place for everything in this world.

Here in this photo, I am holding my Mesa,  My Mesa is the tool I use for healing, for  lifting the ‘hucha’ – The heavy energies that build up from resistance to life flow that can create so many blocks and walls in our lives.  I work on cleansing the body, clearing the energy field, journeying  recreating old stories and destructive patterns, clearing the ivy from the door to your path, the one that is line with your purpose – your souls calling.

I believe we are all sent to this world to live a life we were born for, to feel the richness and the joy, to learn from our darkness and shine a light on shadows. Through a process of healing and self awareness we can all step on our own path – to live a life of contentment and happiness.