Shamanic Activation of the Chakras & Energy Lines of Mother Earth


This summer we’ve really enjoyed simply being at home and going out in our camper van on road trips and off to festivals. This has been a very different summer compared to last years Earth Chakra Activating, where I was called by the Divine to connect, activate and create beautiful portals in Peru, Alaska, Canada, USA and Australia and Egypt.  Last summer,  I was informed by Lake Louise that I must take people to these Sacred places and activate this energy within them.

I am very excited about our First Earth Chakra tour. I am leading a group to the Throat Chakra of the Earth (The Great Pyramids of Giza) to learn how to activate this energy within themselves (on 11:11:17)  This is a journey of self awareness, it’s about activating our personal truth… so we can live a life of integrity and balance. We will also seek stillness and personal awakening in the magic of the desert.

I have 4 places left on the tour if you’re feeling the pull and you know it’s for you. And, as ever with these things, if you’re meant to be there you will be!

I’ve been working with the energy of the pyramids this summer to begin to release my own truth (in writing my stories) and being braver in speaking openly about the work on the Earth that I do. Awakening the Throat Chakra most certainly requires us to UP OUR GAME and that means really learning to follow our own call, our own truth and to speak it, sing it and be it in every way.

I was ‘visited’ in a dream and called to activate the 5th Chakra of the Earth a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t the most convenient of times, I had a course on that day, Harry was working, the kids had stuff on… but, as usual (for me) when the Earth Calls me, everything aligns for me to go.

I call these ‘Miracle Calls’ and I start to behave in a way of deep and profound knowing. Something in me is doing what I need to do and there is no space for me to ‘do’ from my mind. Simply, my soul leads the way no matter what challenges are ahead of me… it’s like following the breadcrumbs through the forest; there is only one direction!

The full story of my journey I will share in my book (and around the shamanic fire gatherings that you’re welcome to attend. Please email for an invite) Again, it is one of those stories that leaves everyone jaw-open and inspires people to act upon that ‘deep’ knowing and trusting in your own flow. When you feel that, everything just becomes so perfect; the day just opens up, even the weather works!!!

If you would like to know more about Shamanism, I am running a ‘Step into Shamanism Workshop’  in the heart of a woodland in Beaconsfield.


I will be leading a group retreat to Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury and Shaftesbury next Spring! Again, please email titled 4th and 6th chakra activation – and you will be added to our list when the full details are released.





  • August 31, 2017 at 4:18 pm // Reply

    All sounds very interesting ,Louise,to me about the throat chakra as I have had a “swallow” issue in my neck recently. With out a cold.
    Which has been painful if when sipping tea!

    • August 31, 2017 at 11:11 pm // Reply

      UMMM, yes very interesting with the ‘swallow’ issue. we are fascinating creatures us humans and the way we manifest issues in our body… sending positive vibe x

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