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thank you cards

Even a hug from Lou will change your life

I’ve spent years dealing with an over analytical mind and have had various mental health professionals fail to help me make sense of it. I was actually losing hope that anyone could help me, then along came Lou. With her help I have achieved so much clarity in a such a short space of time. I truly believe that the universe sent Lou to help me and I am so grateful for that.
Meena Winter

Hey Louise
I was thinking about it the other day and you’ve inspired me loads. I’m doing pretty well at my new job, decided what sort of path in life I want to go down and even bagged myself a girlfriend. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me realise my full potential.
Dan Wilkinson

Hey you! You inspire me! I read your posts and I laugh and agree with you. I also see your point of view for the Gifted! I feel the Love that you exude. Not sure about some of your music choice though!
Russell Brownbill

Thank you, Lou, for your relentless (in a good way) positivity, recognition of all the things in your life you are blessed with, and honesty and openness when things are hard. I am sure you have touched many lives in a good way, like mine, without even realising it so I thought it was only fair to let you know.
JM – Bucks

Louise is a angel from above , the care and love she gave to my Dad was fantastic , I utterly highly recommend Louise to anyone
Shani Moore

Every day your positivity has an effect on me and makes me try to be more free. I am sooooo middle class and stiff upper lip, but try to break free by showering those I love and that are close with love and positivity. You are a constant source of all the above and now I will try to do it solo without your daily prompts. Lou, you are honestly one in a million, true to yourself and those around you. May you be blessed everyday with constant love and good fortune. I truly believe that you reap what you sow and in your case you should be rich ‘til the end of time with pure, wholesome love. I will continue to try and be free with my emotions (no matter who is freaked out) with you on my shoulder. God bless you.
Mrs P – High Wycombe

Attended a fantastic Reiki Attunement day hosted by Louise in Beaconsfield yesterday. It was for me a wonderfully empowering and self-affirming experience. In this era of busy-busy-work-work-more-is-good-and-even-more-is-better, it was such a pleasure to take time to reconnect with what is of real and immeasurable importance, our own life-force energy.
There are of course other teachers of Reiki available, but there is only one Lou Harris.
Dermot – Marlow

Since being attuned, I have felt a positive change within me. I know that it was the right thing to do and since then, I’m seeing the world in a different way; the subtle (and not so subtle) signs from my Guides, the energy in people and the euphoric joy of Channelling!
As to why I chose this path, I think that it might have been chosen for me and all I needed was nudging from time to time.
PS -You’re fab! And I’m thankful for you nudging me in the right direction.
Russell Brownbill – High Wycombe

I have been going to Lou for mentoring alongside Reiki for about 6 weeks now. From the first time we met she has welcomed me with open arms. In this time my thought process has been questioned and with her guidance Lou has given me the tools I have needed to deal with situations as they arise. Having mentoring alongside Reiki gave me the opportunity to open up and also heal. For the first time I feel balanced and I have learnt to trust myself. My confidence has grown along with my self-worth. I am truly blessed to have Lou on this journey with me and she is 100% committed, this has been the best decision I have made and I am so grateful. Louise is a truly beautiful person inside and out.
Lisa Scott

Louise has an amazing talent, from first meeting her you realise how intuitive she is with such a kind heart. The reiki is amazing, totally relaxing, soothing, calming and comforting, better than any massage. I need another one very soon.
Pat Reading

Had my first ever reiki session with Lou and it was amazing! Cannot wait to go back again and work on some serious unblocking and letting go.
Alison Crook

Life becomes stressful at times but a session of Reiki with Louise and I am feeling relaxed, chilled and completely at peace with the world again. Highly recommend a monthly session however if money is no object, go weekly. It will do you the World of good.
Dave Hampton

Like many others, I was to become entranced by Lou’s magical way with the written word. I am often encouraged and enlightened buy Lou’s updates and although we are different in many ways, we have countless amounts of similarities. I have only had one session of Reiki with Lou, when she told me that I needed a big dollop of self believe and boy was she right! That was just over a year ago and I can’t wait to spend a Reiki day with her at the end of January.
Emma Cottage

What a warm and unique inspiration she is! Much love to you…thank you Louise.

Amazing and you’ve really inspired me to be more open and creative with words! I’ve always expressed my creativeness through images and photos but I just feel so empowered by how words can more people.

The Facebook posts, very inspiring!

You always seem so happy and full of life…read all your posts and blogs, they are so inspirational. You are an inspirational person, Lou, you always have been.

Still can’t believe how you knew exactly what was going on in my head as soon as I arrived. Pretty amazing. You’re such an inspiration, Lou. Xx
Rebecca Sayer

Thank you for inspiring me today – I’ve finished an old illustration AND posted a blog!!! Xxxx

Thank you for inspiring me to keep going! You rock xxx

You are infectious and since I went on your reiki course I feel great. You are inspiring xxx love you.
Ms A – London

I was asked what the reiki day was like. I could only say “magical” because of you, the place, the weather, the people…Mainly you. When you went to make lunch for us all, one of the ladies said “Isn’t Lou great?” Someone replied “She’s just a little bit fucking fabulous!” What a compliment…even if my spirit guide is taking his/her time xxx
Emma Lockett-Smith

Girl, you are a fucking inspiration
Simon – Marlow

Lou, you have been an inspiration on many levels.
Nick – Bucks

Lou, you are a real inspiration, you should go into mentoring you were made for it!
Karen – Berkshire

It was so magical and thank you for helping to open something I want to find out more of xxx

Thank you for your kind words, Lou – it means a lot coming from you. Your latest blog post really spoke to me. I see you as this brilliant, hugely successful lady.

It makes me happy that you’re living without being blinded by the fear of judgement. It takes a lot of strength & wisdom to live that way in a culture like the UK’s.
Vivienne Riseley – USA

Thank you so much for an awesome, beautiful, easy, carefree, relaxing, soothing, fun weekend!! You made me feel empowered and strong again, and ready to face any challenges that may arise.
Lou Lou – Wales

Loved your “fell of my positive perch” story. I cried and laughed!!!

Your blog – beautiful, poignant and so wonderfully true! So so chuffed to see you thriving….it is such an honour to know you
Milan Shah -London

Feeling so good and positive after our last session and really peaceful inside, makes me want to cry when I tell people, in a good way. Thank you xxx
Anonymous – Beaconsfield

Lou, I feel totally amazing today, I still have all the feelings I had last night and feel so energised. Thank you so much
Tracey – USA

Had my first ever reiki session with Lou and it was amazing! Cannot wait to go back again and work on some serious unblocking and letting go.

Louise has an amazing talent, from first meeting her you realise how intuitive she is with such a kind heart. The reiki is amazing totally relaxing, soothing, calming and comforting, better than any massage. I need another one very soon.
Kimberley Selwood-Whelan

Completely magical
Lizzie Owen

Louise is amazing – so intuitive with a gentle, caring nature. I always come away from a reiki session with Louise feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and a sense of balance and peace regardless of what is going on in my world. Louise’s energy, enthusiasm, positivity and spark for life is infectious; this seems to be shared through both reiki and just talking/being with her. Thank you!
Can’t recommend Louise enough, best Reiki I’ve had.
Emily Lamont

Lou leaves me feeling completely energised yet peaceful all at the same time. Something I have never experienced before. I feel like any problems presented bounce off me and the solutions seem so clear
Moore – Beaconsfield